Milamber Ventures focuses on
education and vocational training sectors. 

Milamber provides advisory services and invests
in education businesses, adding value through consolidation, strategic business development,
access to new clients and cross-selling.

How often is it said “if only I had known”. Too many times is often the answer.

Created by Milamber Ventures If Only I Had Known is a “How To” platform for entrepreneurs and their businesses to avoid the pitfalls of doing something for the first time.


Our Mission: To Globally Enhance Education Innovation

We believe that education is one of the few sectors that has not fully kept up with the pace of technological and scientific advancement. We attract and integrate best of breed opportunities in the sector with the aim of becoming a leading player in education worldwide.

Learning is no longer restricted to the confines of the classroom, dominated by blackboards, chalk and textbooks. The rapid evolution of technology allows us to advance and fundamentally change how education is delivered. Traditional education has fallen out of sync with the modern world. People want to acquire individually tailored skill sets at their convenience.

Technology is creating a macro shift and driving force in creating new digital learning platforms, products and ways to learn. Digital platforms and products have very low scaling costs and can be distributed easily into multiple markets.

In most countries approximately 2/3rds of educational spend is through ‘state’ education (Primary, Secondary, Higher Education, Apprentices), with the remaining 1/3rd spent on Corporate and Life Long Learning. Both sectors require outsourced platforms, materials and curriculum courses from which to teach. 

The global education market is worth 5 to 6 trillion US Dollars per annum. The opportunity for monetisation lies in providing richer tools that facilitate more effective learning.

“Education is the most powerful weapon
 you can use to change the World”

Nelson Mandela   

OUR approach

At Milamber we are building an investment vehicle for education enabling technologies to tap into the most dynamic segments of the learning market.

Milamber helps our companies achieve and improve profitable revenue generation – we lead with business development ahead of investment.

The Milamber emphasis on ‘business development’ is driven by our belief that the best way to fund and grow a company is by increasing sales and customer base. Once a growth plan is in place and actual revenues are generated, the business requires proportionally less funding and also becomes easier to fund.

Focus on Companies within high return stages of growth: We work with companies that have a much greater potential for value creation and can generate significantly higher returns, especially with Milamber’s support.



Disruptive products for education sector

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Disruptive products
for education sector


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