The Angelaires Club has been set up for our investor community to bring the most exciting, ground breaking and disruptive companies to the attention of our friends and Angelaire members. At each event, we will be presenting three companies which have reached a significant point of growth where they are ready for investment.
Learning and knowledge are an integral aspect everything we do at Milamber, our core objectives are of coaching and mentorship and of sharing of information. The club seeks to inform as well as involve its members, introducing them to emerging developments in their industries and discussing new opportunities for business. The club also functions as an invaluable opportunity for its members to socialise and network with the like-minded.
We are pleased to announce our partnership with Century Club to host all of our events throughout the forthcoming year. It is clear through working with Century that we share the same ideology and outlook in supporting entrepreneurs and new businesses in terms of mentorship and business development through collaboration. For more information on Century Club please go to or email Jana Torello at

The Angelaires Club is not registered under the Financial Conduct Authority and does not recommend investments. The Club will not be held liable for any loss with an individual’s participation or investment either direct or consequential with a venture introduced by either Milamber Ventures PLC or The Angelaires Club. Individuals should take independent legal and financial advice prior to making any investment decision.