Angelaires Membership Application


The Angelaires Club is designed as a social networking community for investors in technology, specifically within the sectors of Education, Creative Media and Technology.

An Angelaires Club member is referred to as an Angelaire.

The Angelaires are invited to attend scheduled events which are tailor-made for each sector.

Each event is themed in purpose, has a guest speaker and is focused around relevant presentations from specially selected and ground-breaking companies which are looking to raise funds.

The club is wholly owned by Milamber Ventures PLC and is a vehicle to showcase their portfolio companies and those of its sister companies and affiliates.

Mission Statement

The Angelaires Club exists to bring the most exciting, ground breaking and disruptive companies to the attention of our Angelaire members.

Learning and knowledge is an integral aspect everything we do, our core objectives are of coaching and of mentorship and of sharing information. The club seeks to inform as well as involve the members, introducing them to emerging developments in their industries and discussing new opportunities for business.

Equally, the Angelaires themselves are encouraged to give advice and support to the founders of new companies so that they may benefit from their insight.

Such counsel is potentially invaluable to the company’s founders and we encourage the Angelaires to share their insight where appropriate.


Membership is strictly by invitation.

In becoming a member each Angelaire agrees to cultivate a culture of knowledge sharing and to give support advice and counsel to the other members and to the companies presenting where appropriate.

While information on the portfolio companies will be available to the greater investor community, the Angelaires will be afforded ‘early sight’ of these new companies as well as being given additional information on the companies’ continued development and growth.

The Angelaires are encouraged, where appropriate, to become mentors to a company’s founders, non-exec Directors or Chairmen of the company’s board.

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In order to benefit from membership, you must agree to receive regular emails from Milamber Ventures Plc and Angelaires Club, both to progress your application and to keep you informed of events and club offerings. Please tick here to reflect your consent